Sandwich Spreads

My breakfast would usually consist of a full meal – rice and a side dish or viand. Living alone in Japan with a very physical labor I have, I tend to have no more time to prepare dishes anymore. Unlike before when I was starting, I had the energy to wake up 3 hours before my shift to cook and prepare my meals. As time went on, I changed my strategies in order to save time from household chores and have more time for myself. To make the story short, I ended up eating bread in the morning instead of preparing a meal.

I used to spread jams on my bread but as I eat it everyday, I got satiated with it (whoa! I had to check for the word in the dictionary).

Yesterday, I made three sandwich spread variety. Chicken salad sandwich spread, Cheese pimiento, and Egg sandwich. I learned the recipe from you tube. You can check the videos from Laura Vitale, Paul Grem, and Lynn’s Recipes. Due to availability of some ingredients, I made a some modification. Sometimes I combine some techniques I learned from the videos.

The finished products of my modifications were of course not perfect. My cheese pimiento was thick. I can’t find sour cream in the nearest groceries here. My chicken salad was a copy cat of Laura and Paul’s tuna salad. I just substituted tuna with chicken but the taste was fine I think. The egg salad just did not have chives in it as well as red wine vinegar and lemon. When I first made the egg salad, I followed all the ingredients as instructed in Laura Vitale’s video (except for the red wine vinegar because I can’t find one I substituted it with the vinegar used for salads) and the taste was sooo good! But this time, I did not have chives available in my fridge. I also did not put the vinegar and lemon because I will not be able to consume this in one sitting and the liquids, though only a very small amount is required, will all drip at the bottom of the container while stocked inside the fridge.

I did not have complaints with my imperfect sandwich spreads. Except for the cheese pimiento which was kind of difficult to spread all over the bread. I enjoyed breakfast everyday! Next time, I want to prepare pizza sandwiches in the morning. But I have to make sure to wake up earlier because it is just not spreading the jam. It is painstakingly putting the ingredients on the bread with generosity. Hahaha!


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