Shikoku Henro: A Walk To Remember, An Answered Prayer

Last November 19th I have finally participated in a pilgrimage that I have long dreamed about – the famous Shikoku Henro (四国遍路)where you will visit the 88 sacred places or temples of the Shikoku Island. I had been closely watching the weather since the previous week of the pilgrimage. It was a little frustrating to see the forecast telling me that it will be good weather on the forthcoming week except November 19th! I had been checking for weather updates two days before the scheduled pilgrimage but it did not change: still rain on November 19th. My friend told me that the organizers called her informing us that if it rained, the event will push through without the henro (pilgrimage). We will just spend the day with sight-seeing tour activity. Yes, it’s good that we will push through, but I’m not happy without the henro! As I went to sleep the previous night, I was begging and praying to God to give the day to us! I badly need it and want it!img_8836 Read More



Letting Go…Again (December 18, 2011)

Co-trainees, we’re exactly down to our last month together. As I look back to the last 8 months of our lives together, tears fall down my eyes. We were like babies inside a mother’s womb, nourished and taken cared of. For after 9 months, we will be on our own. Read More

The Summer 2016 That Was…

Before taking off to the next chapter of my life in Japan, I made it sure to enjoy my last favorite season in Tokushima – the town where I first learned to live a life alone away from home. Summer is my favorite season no matter how hot it gets, I just love it. Summer breeze and sea shores make up a perfect summer for me. ‘Plus alpha’ as how the Japanese would always express it, the sound of semi (cicada) all-day and the smell of fresh morning dew..hmmmm… feels sooo goood! Read More

48-hour get-away

June 25, I was waiting to get the chance to get out of work on-time at 4 pm. Unlucky me. Just because some other personnel was taking their time before they get on the floor, I got out a little past 4:30 pm. I still have errands to run for though I have enough time before I leave for Nagoya at 11:44 pm. The thing is, a colleague invited me out for a dinner for it will be our last time to work together on the same floor. I was assigned to another section of our facility starting July and we won’t see each other every day anymore. Just making the most of our time together.

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Do I really want to go to Tokyo?

The Comfort Zone
Tokushima City has been my comfort zone. It is a country side located at the Shikoku region and I am located at the capital city of the prefecture. Not too far from work, hospital, clinic, supermarkets, and business establishments, I could say it is just the right place for me. On top of that, the folks are so kind, warm and friendly! I feel like I already belong here. Feels like home. Read More

December 12, 2015 A Dream Wedding at Kyoto

No not my wedding (and it’s way way too far from realization, I don’t even know if it’s ever gonna happen). A friend invited me to her dream wedding at Kyoto. Our friend Rita is from Peru while her groom, Rafael  also our friend is from Mexico. I did not expect to be part of the selected guests whom they wanted to share this very precious moment of theirs. Guests from Tokushima gathered at 7 am in front of Hotel Clement. We took a reserved bus bound for the church at Kyoto. The wedding was held at the St. Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church.


St. Viator Kitashirakawa Catholic Church

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Few Clouds, 13°C


It takes courage to show up and become who you really are.

But the courage required is lessened when you know you have family and friends who would always accept who you really are. As if nothing is different from the past.

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